Oscar Mulero's DJ career has been as prolific and long lasting as the evolution of dance music. As a key figure in its development, Oscar has always absorbed new trends and kept his finger on the pulse of electronic dance music, from the end of the 80’s right up to the present day. It is impossible to understand his genius without taking into account the tireless work he has carried out behind the decks for over two decades. Production-wise he's been releasing records since the late 90’s, with countless 12" vinyls and several studio albums, as well as many remixes for the best players in the scene.
He runs Warm Up, his very own imprint, since 2000 as well as the label PoleGroup Records since 2004, both of which have reached the 50 releases mark. On 2013 he started a series of live A/V performances under several project names like Light and Dark, Biolive and Monochrome AV.

In 2019 he will celebrate his thirty-year career with a very special secret lineup party in Madrid that will be much talked about because of its concept and the quality of the guests. 2019 also meant the Selection Natural project peak time with releases in Pole Group and performances all over the club universe.
He uncertain days of 2020 and 2021 meant a sudden stop of all touring action but Oscar kept busy with his studio work. A bunch of releases saw the light during that period and his audiovisual project Monochrome had some performances under the security environment required those days.
Now near the end of 2021 most of the club activity has returned and Oscar has again a full schedule gigwise. We also celebrate his 20 years in production with releases on Token records, Semantica, and his very own Warm Up Recordings with a new limited vinyl series called WUBC mostly available on Bandcamp.